Fighting with Non-violence: Make Peace Not War


It’s been  a long time I didn’t share my mind and I hope this will be useful. 🙂

So couple days ago I attended a discussion organized by Forum Muda Paramadina (please check the @forummuda in case you’re curious). The theme is very interesting, Fighting with non-violence, based from an idea by Scilla El-worthy in the Ted-Talks. And here’s the video:

Scilla revealed that there are other ways to deal with violence without violence. So the method she uses is to develop inner strength, encourage ourselves, have tough commitment, and manage our anger as fuel. Develop inner strength means we should be able to understand ourselves well  in order to make ourselves better. In this case, we need to  change our habits and we need to be careful that we should not easily provoked by anger. To develop ourselves, it can be done by enriching our knowledge and doing some meditation, so we can be more calm and peace. Strengthen yourself with the courage be a must because when we are faced with violence, we have to be calm and should not make decisions rashly. Courage is needed to strengthen our commitment when we are surrounded by violence. If we are not ready and brave to confront them without violence, we might be more intimidated. So use our courage to “intimidate” our opponents. As Scilla told when Aung San Suu Kyi responds soldiers brandishing weapons to the demonstrators. Calmly, Suu Kyi lower the weapons’ positions and the soldiers are stunned. Or when Mahatma Gandhi firmly using swadeshi, non-violent struggle, which has become a very inspiring idea. That’s the power of braveness and commitment! Then set our anger as fuel means we should be able to manage our anger so that will not be a reactive fuel but encourage. Anger is not something that is easily ignited and caused destruction but should be something that improves our performance. It’s like a fuel source and not a fuel that easily ignited and burn the other. Anger should be our spirit in our struggle.

The idea expressed is very idealistic and me myself admit that it would be very difficult to realize but that does not mean we can not make it happen. It is a reformative notion and it can be our reflections. Are we really trying to not use force when facing violence or did we just feel pessimistic about the changes? This is the importance of changing ourselves. Although we can not be someone who is very principled and steadfast as Aung San Suu Kyi and Mahatma Gandhi, but we can still proceed to be someone with spirit like them. So all we have to do is encourage ourselves, increase our knowledge, and start making “peace” with ourselves. And now, the world needs is peace not war, so let’s change ourselves and say no to violence.

My theory: make peace not war, encourage yourself make a better world.


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