My Art: STEM (step by step)


I just finished my new handmade art. For the first time, I’m using kind of marker and it was easy to use, lovely. 🙂

My new creation entitled STEM. I was wondering about the song of Shiina Ringo in the process of drawing it. I thought about our nature and I’m sure that stem is so important for another creature. You can find flower, beetle, root, leaves, spider, etc and they need steem for their existence.

And when I was drawing it, I’ve documented it step by step. Hope, you’ll enjoy it.

  1st phase: Hold it!

      It’s the basic shape, firstly I thought it will be small stem 😛

Hold it!

        2nd phase: Texture

Started to show its identity, part of the tree. And the complex web in the right side is kind of spider web and it looks like butterfly. 😛

the texture

3rd phase: The precious spider web

It’s a complex spider web with different ornaments. I called it precious because the way to create a spider web is very hard and it’s so important for the spider itself, right? Even a small object needs a big effort!

the precious spider web

4th phase: Another stem

 Living creature can’t stand to be alone, it needs the other to survive. I also drawn kind of caterpillar.

Another stem

5th phase: The Root

I was thinking of banyan tree, it has the uniq root, hang on the tree and also on the ground. It told me about the balance.

the root

The final phase : STEM

It contains the other phase to be the final stem. A real stem has to protect the other creature. Being a good shelter is its main purpose of life.

Why don’t we?


 My theory: Be a good shelter for the other, keep support each other. We can’t live alone in this life. 🙂



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