Comeback,please TOKYO JIHEN!!



I’ve heard a very bad news yesterday. It’s torturing me and I can’t handle myself to feel upset. *whip my tears up*

Okay, maybe I’m not the one who sad about this bad news. I believe that music lover in this world will be sad if they know how great they are. Be ready, please. Tokyo Jihen a.k.a. Tokyo Incident decided to disband since 29 February 2012, OFFICIALLY! *faint to death*

project. Well, I know for sure that the members of Tokyo JIhen have their special ability in music and they must have their own idealism of music. But, please, you guys so awesome with this Tokyo Jihen project.I just can’t believe this happened, why?? It was Shiina Ringo informing that they want to focus with their own

Honestly, I respect your decision to move on but I want you to bring Tokyo Jihen again. There’s no other band that can compare to your music. 😦



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